Katharina skirt

kr70.00 Inkl. mva.

The measurements are just a recommendation. If you prefer a longer/ shorter skirt, adjust the length with the number of squares.


Crochet hook: 4 mm – or the hook size you need to obtain a 12 x 12 cm granny square

Crochet hook 3 mm (for picking up stitches)

Measurements „Granny square“: approx. 12 x 12 cm (depending on the gauge swatch)

Recommended yarn: Drops Paris (75 m)

Amount of yarn: approx. 700 (750), 800, (850) g

The amount of yarn depends on the method of crocheting/ knitting.

Recommended colours:

Main colour: 150 g, here: colour 43 that is found in all squares

Stripe colour: 100 g/ stripe colour. 8 – 10 colours for a balanced play of colours

We chose 5 colours/ square.